Hibiya Koen No Nukes Rally: March 10, 2013

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It’s the day before the second anniversary of the 3/11 Triple Disaster; thousands of Japanese and a handful of foreigners marked the occasion by attending a gathering in Tokyo’s beautiful Hibiya Park, followed by an anti-nuke demonstration and parade around the government district. When the event began, the weather was warm and comfortable, despite the […]

Umi no Hi Demo: Yoyogi Park

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Today’s Umi no Hi (or “Ocean Day”) demonstration in Yoyogi Koen was bound to be a big one.  Monstrous, even.  I had seen a preview of the program on facebook several months beforehand and knew that since it would be held on a national holiday, even workaholics would show up.  The minute my daughter and […]

“Noda-san, Yamerou” Demo: Shinjuku, July 1st, 2012

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This evening, the Oi nuclear power plant is due to re-start. Protestors have been camped outside the premises since yesterday evening, blocking the road, making a big noise, and making life miserable for the grim-faced police assigned to protect the entrance of the plant and ensure that work goes on inside as scheduled. Tonight’s NHK […]

Occupy Kasumigaseki: Faces from the Tents in Tokyo

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Get off the train at Tokyo’s Kasumigaseki station, wander through the dreary underground maze until you find exit A12, make your way up the concrete staircase, and you’ll find yourself right in front of the Metropolitan Department of Economics, Trade and Industry.  Walk to the left, and in 500 yards you will bump into the […]

March 11, 2012: Hibiya Koen Memorial Service and Demo

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One year after Japan’s triple disaster, citizens across the Japan gathered to hold memorial services for the victims of the tsunami, and to show solidarity with residents of Fukushima, who struggle to rebuild their lives and protect their children from the threat of radiation as they educate themselves along the way. My daughter and I […]

Hunger Strikers for the Future

In early September of 2011, four college-age young people staged a hunger strike outside the Tokyo Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry buildings in the Kasumigaseki district. Okamoto Naoya, age 20;  Yonehara Kanta, age 21;  Shiori Sekiguchi, age 19;  and Masaaki Yamamoto, age 22,  lived on salt and water for ten days to protest the Japanese government’s determination to re-start off-line nuclear power plants and continue with the construction of new ones. Read more about them here, and enjoy the photos.